For Nepalese Students

  1. Breach of discipline as listed under general rules i.e. theft /abuse of drugs and use of intoxicants / smoking within restricted areas of the campus, serious assault to others, sexual harassment, ragging etc is punishable by expulsion if the students from the campus.
  2. Failure to pay tuition / hostel and other fees in time shall debar the student to appear in semester / University Examination.
  3. Duration of studies due to failure beyond 4.5 years shall be charged proportionately
  4. Tuition & development fees are not refundable
  5. Intern’s training fees shall be charged
  6. According to University rules, a student can not appear more than 4 times for any given subjects of University Examination. University will not allow such students to continue further.
  7. Students are required to have at least 75% attendance,, failing which they cannot appear in University Exams.
  8. Students obtaining below 40% marks in internal assessment will not be eligible for University Exam.
  9. Rs. 500 IC & 1000 IC notes are not applicable in Nepal. Its criminal, non-bailable offence to carry notes in territory of Nepal.

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