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Why Nepalgunj?

Accessibility & Reach

We are located in the thriving city of Nepalgunj, in the Western region of Nepal. We are proud to be a leading healthcare and medical educational hub in the region, and we take pleasure in our easily accessible location. We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable at NGMC, regardless of their linguistic and cultural background. Moreover, our campus is designed to promote cross-cultural understanding and exchange. We celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nepal and India, and our surroundings reflect this diversity.

Nepalgunj Medical College (NGMC) serves as the ideal gateway and crucial links to major Indian cities, including Lucknow-with a short 180-kilometer highway providing direct access. Our proximity to Lucknow, the capital city of the largest Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, further elevates our strategic significance. We benefit from seamless transportation links to numerous major Indian cities through well-established train, bus, and airplane routes, solidifying our role as a pivotal hub for pan-India accessibility. This strategic positioning ensures that students, patients, and visitors can seamlessly access our world-class healthcare and educational facilities while enjoying the vast cultural and scenic offerings of Nepal and India.

Our strategic location holds immense significance, serving as both a gateway to Western Nepal and a crucial link in the broader context of nationwide accessibility. This geographic advantage ensures that NGMC plays an essential role in extending healthcare and educational services not only to the local population but also to the wider Western Nepalese region. The easy accessibility to key cities in Nepal, combined with robust transportation links to major Indian cities, solidifies its position as a vital hub for nationwide and cross-border access. By providing comprehensive healthcare and top-tier medical education, NGMC contributes significantly to improving the overall well-being and development, making a positive impact on countless lives throughout the region and beyond. Come visit us and see how we're making a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Our institution's location is also bolstered by the proximity of the Nepalgunj Airport, which provides easy access for both domestic and international travelers. This advantage enables the free flow of knowledge, expertise, and medical services, fostering a spirit of collaboration and exchange. As a result, NGMC has become a destination of choice for students, patients, and visitors from near and far, drawn by our commitment to excellence in healthcare and medical education.

Ranking & Recognitions

Boasting an illustrious history spanning 27 years, NGMC has established itself as a bastion of academic excellence, earning acclaim as the “Best Medical College” along with “Health Award” (for the spectacular services provided in Tuberculosis Control) and one of the most preferred medical colleges for foreign students.

Our persistent commitment to fiscal responsibility has earned us the distinction of being one of the oldest and most tax-compliant institutions, further reinforcing our sterling reputation.