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NGMC stands as an inspiration of healthcare excellence in Nepal, with more than 27 years of dedicated service and recognition as a Level 3 Covid-19 hospital for the Western Region and the only private medical facility to do so nation-wide. Our enduring partnership with Humanity Inclusion (HI) through the Physical Rehabilitation Activity program has positively impacted lives, while our collaboration with the Government of Nepal, provincial, and local level governments has led to pioneering healthcare initiatives, such as the Cashless Safe Motherhood program, Dialysis services and various Community Outreach Programs.

Even during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, NGMC's commitment to quality care shone brightly as we established a dedicated 100 bedded Covid-19 unit with advanced facilities and cutting-edge operating theatre which resulted in managing complex multi-disciplinary positive cases including various maternity cases in our region. Our unwavering dedication extends to fostering industry partnerships that enrich student experiences and readiness for healthcare careers, facilitated through collaborations with esteemed organizations, both international and local.

Furthermore, NGMC recognizes the global significance of healthcare collaboration and actively engages in partnerships with renowned organizations, such as USAID, WHO, UN, UNICEF, GIZ, KOICA, JICA, ADRA Nepal, Lepsory Mission Nepal etc. These collaborations open doors to leading-edge exploration, innovative methods, and exposure, enhancing our capacity to address complex health challenges.

Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering accessible healthcare and education, preparing future healthcare leaders, and contributing to healthcare advancements at both national and global levels. The college also actively participates in international conferences and workshops, providing a platform for its experts to showcase their work and engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. NGMC aims to contribute to the national and global health progress and improve the health and wellbeing of communities worldwide through this collaboration.

Our commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the healthcare needs of the nation are reflected in our diverse range of services, which cater to patients from all walks of life. We remain committed to fostering meaningful partnerships and leveraging our resources to improve healthcare outcomes for the people of Nepal.