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Nepalgunj Medical College's Chisapani Campus, situated in the serene East-Chisapani, Banke, offers an idyllic environment for academic pursuits. Surrounded by the renowned Bardia Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its diverse wildlife, including wild elephants and Royal Bengal Tigers, the campus is a haven of peace and natural beauty. The lush greenery throughout the year creates a unique and pollution-free atmosphere, providing an ideal backdrop for focused learning and teaching.

Spanning approximately 70 hectares, the campus is characterized by dense plantations, ensuring a green and vibrant setting. The residential facilities for faculty and non-teaching staff feature separate hostels and mess facilities for boys and girls. Security, managed by former army personnel, is maintained round the clock, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Academic excellence is supported by state-of-the-art facilities, including spacious and well-equipped laboratories, a dissection hall, and an extensive collection of specimens.

The campus boasts a modern library, a recreational hall, and a multimedia lab with internet access, aligning with advancements in learning technologies. Furthermore, medical learning equipment, and dedicated informatics classes contribute to a comprehensive educational experience. A robust WiFi and mobile network ensure seamless connectivity for students, fostering a sense of being close to home.

Lecture halls, seminar rooms, and laboratories are equipped with sophisticated audio-visual teaching aids, including projectors, computers, and television monitors. NGMC Chisapani Campus offers not just education but an immersive and nurturing environment where nature and academia coalesce seamlessly.