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Chisapani Campus (Basic Science)

Welcome to the picturesque and intellectually stimulating environment of our Chisapani Campus, nestled in the heart of Banke. Spanning across an expansive 70 hectares of land, our campus is adorned with lush greenery, inviting students to take leisurely walks and rejuvenate their spirits. To ensure the well-being and convenience of our faculty and non-teaching staff, our campus offers fully residential accommodations, with separate facilities for both boys and girls. Our diligent security personnel, many of whom are ex-soldiers, provide round-the-clock security to ensure a safe and fearless environment, essential for intellectual exploration.

Within our campus, state-of-the-art laboratories, and an extensive specimen gallery await. Our library is a treasure trove of knowledge, while a recreational hall encourages relaxation and social interaction. A multimedia lab with internet access supports contemporary learning. To prepare students for the multidisciplinary demands of modern medicine, we've created an ecosystem where education extends beyond textbooks.

Equipped with advanced audio-visual aids like projectors, slide projectors, overhead projectors, computers, and television monitors, our lecture, seminar rooms, and laboratories facilitate effective learning and understanding. Robust 4G internet services ensure seamless connectivity, enabling students to stay connected with peers, instructors, and family members worldwide.

Join us at the Chisapani Campus, where nature meets education, and where your journey towards becoming a healthcare professional takes root in a nurturing and inspiring environment.